It’s not too often that you read a headline about the worst movie, hotel, or song in existence. There’s plenty of content out there praising the good stuff, stacking up notable books in a ranked list. But we’re in it to win it here, which means we’re going towards the taboo. We’re ready to look at the worst stuff all time.

 If you’ve ever gotten up in the middle of a movie, smashed your car radio, thrown a book out the window, or straight up left your hotel before nightfall, then you’re prepared for our list!!

Have FUN

Have fun with the most satiric, blunt and comic reviews.


Find fun fillled reviews in various categories like movies, music, books etc.


Try to be outrageously funny and poke the artists or authors.

Shock Value

Shockingly, you probably may find your favorite move, music here. 


While you write reviews, be valiant and write what you exactly feel.


Do not use cuss words, refrain from using expletives. 

Writing or Reading a blog has never been so fun.