The worst hotel is someplace I have never stayed. Why not? Because I can read and I choose life! 

The Boulevard Hotel South Beach in Miami comes with its own warning, “WARNING: Do Not Stay At Boulevard hotel South Beach,” on TripAdvisor.

“You will NOT sleep, think gangsta rap all night, broken worn beds, dated bathrooms, low-flow showers, filthy green carpeting, minimal dated furniture, bug-infestation (bring insect repellant), staff doesn’t speak English, after midnight hotel is frightening-screaming in hallways, doors slamming, strange smells, no ice machines/ref/hair dryers, worn linen, TV didn’t work (I gave up after requesting repair for 5 days) fake wood flooring in hallways that makes noise when walking on, weak wifi, broken window blinds, this hotel will cause depression.” – John B, Los Angeles

Apparently, on guest laid down on the bed and got a piece of glass stuck in her butt cheek. They had to call the ambulance.

They cancel appointments made at great rates so that they can get a higher rate on the rooms.

Out of 194 reviews on TripAdvisor, 93 rate this hotel terrible.  

This is the kind of place that you dare your friends to stay in. “I’ll pay for your room if you can survive it without getting hepatitis or stitches.”

How about a few more quotes from our friends on TripAdvisor? 

Baby roaches and other insects on the walls and in the closet. Crawling from under the pillows and on the comforter.”

“Horrible restaurant with rude staff!”

Apparently, it’s in a perfect location across from the beach, but it would be safer to sleep on the beach with the bums and the sharks.

So, have I been to the worst hotel I could find, no. My life insurance doesn’t cover stupid and I don’t need PTSD from a hotel stay.