Author: Swapna P

Worst Travel Destination Ever: Orlando, Florida

When you get past the fact that Orlando is home to Disney World, there’s not much else you can find in Orlando. Besides the tragedies and man-eating alligators, Orlando is a smelly, un-enchanting Florida city that embodies everything wrong with the state.  It’s dangerous, ugly, hot, and home to all those Disney tourists. Not to mention, it’s full of convention centers for all those B2B businesses in the country.  You might get carried away thinking that Cinderella’s castle awaits you; in reality, it’s an isolated Southern city that seems to be regressing in development. That’s about...

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Most Annoying Song Ever: Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

If you don’t know the title of this song, you have most certainly heard it. It’s a repetitive a capella style pop song that just seems to never end.  Whether you’re at a college bar, shopping in Forever 21, or at the grocery store, chances are, this terribly catchy song in the worst way possible is playing. “I’m in love with the shape of you…” If the lyrics and beat aren’t corny enough, try watching the music video.  There’s something uncomfortable about imagining Ed Sheeran sexually touching someone. Or is it just us that feels that...

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The Entire Twilight Saga

What’s worse than a 12-hour shift at work? Watching all 5 of the Twilight Saga movies. Whether it’s Kristen Stewart’s mouth being wide open through every scene, or Rob Pattinson glowing with sparkly glitter rubbed all over his body, there’s probably nothing worse than sexual teenage vampire dialogue.  Not to mention, they decided to make 5 movies out of it, progressively beating the sexy, pale, young vampire fetish into the earth.   Edward or Jacob? Jacob or Edward? Please, make the madness...

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