Author: Swapna P

Boulevard Hotel South Beach in Miami

The worst hotel is someplace I have never stayed. Why not? Because I can read and I choose life!  The Boulevard Hotel South Beach in Miami comes with its own warning, “WARNING: Do Not Stay At Boulevard hotel South Beach,” on TripAdvisor. “You will NOT sleep, think gangsta rap all night, broken worn beds, dated bathrooms, low-flow showers, filthy green carpeting, minimal dated furniture, bug-infestation (bring insect repellant), staff doesn’t speak English, after midnight hotel is frightening-screaming in hallways, doors slamming, strange smells, no ice machines/ref/hair dryers, worn linen, TV didn’t work (I gave up after requesting repair for...

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Peace up, A-Town down

“Peace up, A-Town down Yeah! (yeahhh!) okay! (okayyy!) Usher (Usher Usher Usher.) Lil Jon! Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) – yeah Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) – yeah” I will never understand how this song became a hit. “Yeah, yeah, yeah”? Mozart sat up in his anonymous grave and said, “Really? It was that easy? Why did I even bother writing real music?” The song goes down from there into “shawty” and his conquest of her (or hers of him). She’s all up in my head now Got me thinking that it might Be a good idea...

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As Above, So Below

One of the worst of the recent movies is “As Above, So Below.” I bought it at Walmart for $4 and was overcharged.   The plot is ridiculous. A young woman, whose father spent his life trying to figure out the mystery of Nicholas Flamel’s alchemy, goes from a set of tunnels in Iran (that is about to be blown up in seconds) to the catacombs of Paris. She finds some random guy to take her into the catacombs. Her friend, who is insistent that he won’t go in, ends up running in and away from the cops. There’s...

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Worst Hotel Ever: Marriott D.C.

Sometimes, the Marriott can pull through with some decent digs. Other times, it can be a total nightmare, which is for sure the case in D.C. After a long day of sightseeing, you can come home to dirty rooms, bugs in the bathroom, and a really disgusting continental breakfast that would not have made George Washington happy.  It can definitely take you by surprise since other Marriotts haven’t stooped to such abominable accommodations. Not sure why this one has! Might be time to check on the...

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The Book Thief

You’ll wish a book thief would come and steal away this book after reading just a few chapters of it. What looks to be a promising and exciting read quickly turns south when the plot fails to move, in any direction, for what seems to be endless pages.  In a world where dragons, sex, aliens, and vampires can get just about anyone excited at home after a long day of work, what on earth went wrong with The Book Thief? It’s not finish-able – at least not for us, anyway. Good...

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